Thought for the Day:
If we want to reach real peace in the world,we should start educating children
                                                                                             ~Mahatma Gandhi~

KVS is providing following services to its stake holders:

1. Admissions In accordance with the admission guidelines, incorporating reservation for disadvantaged groups as per government policy.

2. Curriculum Transaction: Curriculum designed by NCERT/CBSE /KVS is transacted in a regulated and monitored manner to empower students.

3. In-Service Training Programme: Structured in-service training programmes are conducted to empower teachers. Teachers from outside the organization can also take part on payment.

4. Innovation and Research in pedagogy: KVS with its large pool of qualified and competent teachers promotes various innovation and research work in curricular transaction which can be shared with others for the larger good of the society.

5. Promotion of National Integration, Cultural and Social Integration, Spirit of Inquiry and Indianness: KVS with its multifarious activities viz. National and Regional sports meets, Youth Parliament, JLN Science Exhibition, Social Science Exhibition etc promotes “ National Integration and Indianness” amongst citizens. Contact Information:

KVS has identified some expectations:

A. From students They are expected to internalize discipline and ethos of KVS and eschew all acts of indiscipline.

B. From parents Parents are expected to be proactive in relation to school activities in general and his/her ward in particular. They are expected to attend “Parent Teacher Meetings” whenever convened, put forth their suggestions /concerns fearlessly, and should consciously find time to check home work/class work by giving adequate attention. Facilities required at home should also be made available.

C. From Sponsoring Agencies To provide suitable land and infrastructure for Vidyalaya. To supervise day to day activities of the Vidyalaya through Vidyalaya Management Committee.

D. Expectation from teachers and other staff members Teachers and other staff members are expected to be role models in their assigned task. Teachers are also expected to follow code of conduct prescribed under article 59 of the Education Code for Kendriya Vidyalayas.

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